New Product Launch: Introducing DermalEase!

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of DermalEase to our veterinary range! 

Formulated to support healthy, nourished and hydrated skin in dogs and cats, DermalEase is available in two topical formulations for ease of use:

- DermalEase Drops to target smaller, more focal areas

- DermalEase Mousse for larger, more generalised areas


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DermalEase contains two novel ingredients to provide dual-support for both layers of the skin:



 A sphingolipid extract is an important component naturally present in the waterproof lipid matrix of the epidermis, supporting a healthy skin barrier and normal skin hydration levels.



A hyaluronic acid based extract that supports the dermis, helping the skin to maintain normal structure, elasticity and hydration levels.


Click here to take a look at our new products.