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Pro-Fibre Advanced

Pro-Fibre Advanced

High in fibre to support normal digestive function and gastrointestinal immunity


An advanced palatable probiotic and prebiotic pellet, containing soluble and insoluble fibre, with Fibersol®. Includes Bacillus subtilis probiotic to support a diverse gastrointestinal microbiome and encourage normal stool formation.


Pro-Fibre Advanced contains:

  • Soluble and insoluble fibres to support normal digestive function and gut health, including Fibersol®, a resistant maltodextrin that is fermented to produce short-chain fatty acids.
  • Calsporin® Bacillus velezensis (previously known as B.subtilis) probiotic to support the diverse gastrointestinal microbiome and encourage normal stool formation.
  • Preplex® prebiotics to feed and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the different stages of the digestive tract.
  • CitriStim®, an inactivated yeast to support the gastrointestinal immune system and optimise gut barrier integrity.
  • L-threonine amino acid is important for the production of mucosal glycoproteins, ensuring gut barrier function and supporting intestinal immunity.
  • Pro-Fibre Advanced is highly palatable with no added wheat.

Indicated species: dog

Directions For Use

Pro-Fibre Advanced should be added to the daily food for as long as considered necessary.

Pro-Fibre Advanced may be increased gradually to the recommended dose, or as advised by your veterinary surgeon

Available in 500g tubs.

  • Dog
    <5kg1/2 measure (5g)per day
  • Dog
    5-20kg1 measure (10g)per day
  • Dog
    20-35kg2 measures (20g)per day
  • Dog
    >35kg3 measures (30g)per day


Store in a cool dry place - out of direct sunlight



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Where to Buy

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Amino Acids:
L-Threonine 3c410 2000mg/kg
Gut Flora Stabilisers:
Bacillus subtilis C-3102 (DSM 15544)4b1820; 5 x 106CFU/g

Technological Additives

Kaolin, lignosulphonates, Preplex® prebiotic - acacia (gum arabic)

Sensory Additives

Mixture of flavouring compounds (synthetic, liver) 500mg/kg


Alfalfa meal, sugar beet, psyllium husk, oat feed, lignocellulose, maize, linseed, inactivated Pichia guilliermondii yeast (Citristim®), maltodextrin (Fibersol®), pectin, Preplex® prebiotic (fructo-oligosaccharide)

Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 12%, Crude oils and fats 5%, Crude fibre 15%, Crude ash 8%, Dietary Fibre 52%, Acid Insoluble Ash 3%.