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Supporting Canine and Feline Urinary Health


CystoPro contains an active ingredient derived from cranberries. This active ingredient is a class of antioxidants called Proanthocyanidins (PACs).  CystoPro also contains probiotics, prebiotics and N-acetyl D-glucosamine.



  • Proanthocyanidins (Type A PACs)
    Proanthocyanidins are naturally occurring powerful antioxidants extracted from the North American cranberry.  Type A PACs have an anti-adhesion affect, this means they help to reduce the ability of certain bacteria to attach to the bladder lining.
  • Probiotic
    Enterococcus faecium PXN 33 acts to reduce pathogenic bacteria within the gastrointestinal tract and the faeces thereby limiting bacterial colonisation of the perineum.
  • Mannan-oligosaccharide
    Created from purified yeast cell walls, Mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS), binds to receptors on bacterial fimbriae which prevents attachment to epithelial cells.  MOS is commonly used as a prebiotic to support intestinal microflora.
  • N-acetyl D-glucosamine
    N-acetyl D-glucosamine is a precursor to Chondroitin sulphate and Keratin sulphate which make up the Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) layer that lines and protects the sensitive bladder urothelium. A strong, resilient GAG layer prevents bacteria from adhering to the urothelial cells.
  • Artificial Chicken Flavour
    To improve palatability and compliance.

CystoPro is available in boxes of 30 capsules.

Directions For Use

The capsules are to be pulled apart and contents placed on, or mixed with feed.

  • Cat
    <5kg1 capsuleDaily
  • Dog
    <20kg1 capsuleDaily
  • Dog
    20-40kg2 capsulesDaily
  • Dog
    40-60kg3 capsulesDaily


CystoPro has a 2 year shelf life from the date of manufacture. Store in a cool dry place.



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Where to Buy

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Key Ingredients:
N-acetyl D-glucosamine, mannan-oligosaccharide, cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
Protexin probiotic
Enterococcus faecium PXN 33
1 x 10^11 CFU/kg; 1 x 10^8 CFU/g;
4.0 x 10^7 CFU/capsule.

Vegetable capsule, flavouring, magnesium stearate

Each Capsule Contains:
20mg of proanthocyanidins (PACs) - the active ingredient in cranberry
125mg N-acetyl D-glucosamine (100%)