Top tips whilst awaiting professional behavioural support


There are many circumstances where professional behavioural support will be required, though sometimes it can take time to find the right person and to get an appointment booked in. With the help of our in-house behaviourist we have put together the following top tips to help you out in the interim period.

  • Keep a diary. It can be really helpful to keep a record of your pet’s problematic behaviour:

                 1. What do they do?

                 2. When do they do it?

                 3. How long does it last?

                 4. Are there any known triggers?


Keep everyone safe

If your pet has shown any sign of aggression then professional behavioural support should be sought ASAP. In the meantime, it is essential you take steps to keep everyone safe; as a dog owner in particular, you are liable for your dog’s actions.

  • Keep your dog on a lead at all times when out of the house
  • Muzzle train your dog, and ensure they are wearing their muzzle whenever you leave the house
  • Avoid known triggers where possible
  • Keep children away from the dog, and never leaved them together unattended