Dodger’s Transformation

Here at Protexin we love hearing positive stories and valued feedback from vets and pet owners alike and the next story is no exception. Owner Rosemary recently shared with us her feline friend, Dodger’s story and his improvements since using Cystophan. Take a look below to read Rosemary’s feedback:

“I just had to write and tell you about our cat Dodger who has been using Cystophan for cats since January this year, and quite frankly it has been nothing short of a miracle.

 Dodger came to us as a stray 7 years ago and ever since then he has suffered from cystitis to varying degrees culminating in three bladder blockages between Dec and New Year of last year.  After 3 emergency operations (two of which were over the New Year holiday period – and Dodger is not insured!) we contemplated the awful prospect of having him put to sleep as not only was his suffering great, but the cost was becoming prohibitive.

After the last emergency op, and various drugs to settle his urethral muscles, the vet sent us home with Cystophan. Being honest, I was sceptical as to how this product could possibly control the escalating nature of Dodger’s problem and also the 2 capsules a day he requires looked massive, compounded with the fact that Dodger is a super fussy eater so sprinkling on his food was out of the question if we wanted to ensure that he definitely got the dose required. So we resorted to emptying the capsules, adding 1.5ml of water (sometimes skimmed milk) and syringing this into his mouth – that works and he takes it without fuss every single day. And we will ensure that he gets it without fail for the rest of his life; the alternative of not taking it is not an option and one which we couldn’t consider.

But what a transformation!!! Cystophan has literally changed Dodger’s life. I almost can’t put into words the change in him.  After suffering for 7 years, permanently being unhappy and agitated, hiding away all day and generally looking uncomfortable (as well as the severity and agony of 3 blockages), since January when he started taking it, he has had ZERO bouts of cystitis, he is out and about all day long, his whole demeanour and character has changed and you can actually see the happiness in his face.  If only we’d used it years ago! We never even knew this jolly little personality was in our cat, the poor chap had been miserable for so long. Honestly, words can’t describe how happy Dodger, and we are. The change is truly miraculous.

I wanted to write to you firstly to thank you for such a wonderful product and also perhaps to provide confidence to other cat owners who may be sceptical as I was, that Cystophan does work and maybe to let other owners know about the little ‘trick/tip’ that we have found to be a successful and trauma free way of administering Cystophan on a daily basis.”

We wish Dodger all the best and hope the improvements continue!

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