Rebbie & Castan's Story

Owner, Karen, recently shared her cats, Rebbie & Castan's story with us and it's another story we just had to share! They've been using Synbiotic D-C and Karen has noticed great improvements!

"Rebbie who is just 3 years old has had a really bad candida infection on the roof of his mouth since November 2017. He has been on Intrafungol medication which has improved it a lot. Castan (Rebbie’s brother from the same litter) who is also very sensitive to many foods, seems to get an upset tummy easily and has a touch of gingivitis (all related to poor gut flora). Both are on special diets as they suffer with serious allergies to gluten, wheat, diary etc as well as medications too."



"I have been using ProKolin+ and this had helped both of their tummies over the last few years. But, I asked my vet about Castan and if there were other pre- and probiotic products which were like ProKolin+ but would be better for his tummy to build up the gut flora and also for Rebbie with his candida mouth infection which is all related to poor gut flora. They prescribed Castan the Synbiotic D-C which I gave to both of them, starting with a small amount first and gradually building up their intake over the first few weeks to half a capsule per day per cat.

Castan doesn’t have an upset tummy / diarrhoea after 3 weeks. His gingivitis is looking a bit better too but this will be slower as his tummy has only really just settled with no more diarrhoea. Rebbie’s mouth infection has improved markedly with it being much more blotchy rather as it completely covered his hard palate, and in some places it has gone (it improved noticeably after the first week and then even more so now, after 3 weeks). All of his mouth looks so much better."

We wish both Rebbie and Castan all the best and hope the improvements continue!

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