Big Dog & Dasuquin!

We've recently received an update from our furry friend, Big Dog, and his owner. 

Big Dog is a 12 year old Golden Retriever and a big softie!  However over the last 3 years he has been suffering from arthritis which has really affected his mobility.

After trying many joint supplements over the years, alongside painkillers, Big Dog started taking Dasuquin 6 months ago and since then his mobility has hugely improved. He is even able to enjoy exploring his garden again and is enjoying greater freedom in his old age.

"Thank you for this product, I would recommend it to anyone else with a stiff dog!"



Here is Big Dog with his favourite toy!  You’ll notice his owners have put lots of mats down to aid his walking and getting up on the shiny floors.  This is a great tip for all dog owners!

 We wish Big Dog all the best and look forward to hearing of further explorations in the garden!


For more information on Dasuquin please click here.