A Good News Story

Sage, Chive, & Rocket


A few weeks ago, we received an email from Rosie, a veterinary nurse. Rosie had been handrearing a litter of 7 baby rabbits who were abandoned in a cardboard box. Unfortunately they were newborn when they were dumped so didn't get the antibodies from mum. Sadly, 4 passed away leaving Sage, Chive and Rocket. Rosie has used Fibreplex for years personally and professionally and says she's lost count of the number of tubes she's bought for her own pets and handrears. She has been using Fibreplex and Bio-Lapis for Sage, Chive and Rocket, and things are looking up. Today we received an update and it's great to hear that Sage and Chive are doing really well. They had their first vaccinations yesterday.  Rocket is still a lot smaller although her faeces is now finally normal. Unfortunately she had had some complications but in herself is improving. 

Below is a lovely photo of Sage and Chive with their friend Buttons, who was handreared using Bio-Lapis and Fibreplex five years ago.