Cosequin DS transformed Roxie's life!


We love receiving success stories like Roxie's! Owner, Mary, has recently shared Roxie's story with us, and we're so pleased to hear Cosequin DS has helped improve Roxie's quality of life. 

Roxie, a fox red Labrador, had an accident at 15 months old, a CT scan confirmed no long lasting injury other than muscle damage however it did confirm she had hip dysplasia and also severe arthritic concerns in her front limb elbow joints. The CT scan detailed that she has bilateral medial coronoid process disease; the medial coronal process is abnormal in both elbows with fissures extending distally into the subchondral bone for 4/5 mm. There was also evidence of osteophytes and diffuse sclerosis. The CT scan concluded ‘the changes are significant and would be expected to cause lameness.’ 

The orthopaedic vet sadly informed Mary that due to Roxie's arthritis, the quality of her life would be compromised and she would not be able to exercise to her full potential and engage in long walks and physical activities due to pain, restricted movement and lameness. He recommended Cosequin DS chewable tablets which Mary has been giving to her daily since she was 18 months. She is now over 6 and a fully fit and energetic dog who loves life. She can undertake long walks, jump and run and enjoys playing with Mary's other dog with absolutely no signs of discomfort, stiffness, pain and no apparent restriction in range of movement or lameness.



We wish Roxie all the best! And look forward to further updates!


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